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The Directors of British Vision, Lolo and Mats WivessonDestination Management Company

What is a DMC?

A Destination Management Company (DMC) is a company that specializes in the organization and logistics of meetings and events. With in-depth knowledge of the field, many years of experience in organizing programs, and creativity, the key-word when working with a DMC is 'customized'. No matter what the event or the occasion, Destination Management Companies will always find a surprising and tailor-made solution.

What does a DMC do and why may you need one?

Besides organizing meetings, incentives and events, a company offering Destination Management will also arrange social, partner and pre- and post-meeting programs. Other special services include catering, dinners and entertainment. A DMC will even make hotel reservations, arrange transportation and provide travel management, guides and hostesses. Destination Management Companies remain behind the scenes while ensuring that everything runs according to plan.

The Directors of British Vision, Lolo and Mats WivessonSalta Tours International Ltd

Your Travel Partner in Great Britain and Ireland!

Salta Tours International Ltd is an incoming tour-operator / Destination Management Company (DMC) in Europe with headquarters in London, United Kingdom.
We offer FIRST-CLASS ground handling and travel related services for large or small groups, conferences, incentives- and special tours in London and throughout Great Britain, Ireland and continental Europe.

Salta Tours International is an independent Destination Management Company, specialising in design of incentives, conferences, special tours, meetings, leisure activities and entertainment. We offer as well reservations for hotels (of all categories), apartments and homestay to highly discounted and competitive rates.

Our multi-lingual and dedicated management and staff provides fast, reliable and efficient service with accurate quotations and itinerary planning. The combined experience of our management team and staff provides you with a unique expertise in the industry.

We strongly believe:

“Trust” has a very special meaning to our company and we base our future on the good commercial relationship with our clients. We feel that the developed business continuity is not only to maintain our existing business but to increase it by giving our personalised attention in every aspect of the co-operation.

Our aim is that our partners have satisfied clients, a pledge of long term relationship with our business partners. The product competitors‚ offer might be more or less the same. The performance makes the difference: the tested and permanently controlled quality of the local suppliers, the customized services, the tight budget-control for your clients to get the utmost for their money; and what money cannot pay for: the human touch, the personal commitment, the meticulous attention to details, plus fast and efficient action.

You have to try us to feel the difference!

We can offer:

Experience – the founders and owners of Salta Tours International Ltd have each more than 30 years experience in the travel trade industry.

Efficiency – same day quotation and fax/e-mail confirmation of your enquiry. Creativity and very competitive pricing. Accurate quotation and itinerary planning.

Caring and personalized service. Highly skilled multi-lingual booking staff provides fast, reliable and efficient service.


The Director of British Vision, Lolo WivessonManagement

As the management team is owner of the company, we have to guard our reputation and maintain an individual, high standard to stay in business! During the years we have become known to create "the little bit extra". We have a very long experience of the travel trade and always work with high level of service as a priority.

Salta Tours International is a company of a "smaller size", enabling us to stay in control of what we deliver and produce, offering an efficient, yet personal service.


Staff on a fam trip!Staff

Salta Tours International has a small team of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, all whom have a flexible, efficient approach to their work, used to dealing with the most discerning clientele..


Working for the future!The Future

Salta Tours International is a dedicate supporter of higher and more advanced education. The travel industry is depending on education and training to survive. We start training early as photo indicate with Leah Granlund, 7 months, in front of a booking terminal.


You have to try us to feel the difference!