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 Street life in new modern CardiffCardiff

New modern Cardiff!

Cardiff is a young and dynamic capital and one of Europe's fastest-growing cities. Over the past decade, it has developed from being a pleasant capital with fine maritime history into a vibrant state-of-the-art city with an exciting future.
The recently developed, quite breathtaking Cardiff Bay, with its mixture of cutting-edge architecture, distinguished Victorian buildings and superb sporting and leisure facilities makes cardiff one of Europe's most attractive waterside venues.

Under its bustling cosmopolitan exterior, there is also a very different Cardiff - and ancient city steeped in history waiting to be discovered. The legacy left by the Romans, Normans and the Industrial Revolution is clearly visible, as a tour of the magnificent Cardiff Castle right in the heart of the city will demonstrate.
Cardiff is also a green city with more than two thousand acres of parkland, giving it more green space per head of population than any other city in Europe.
A visit to Cardiff will also give you many reminders that you are in a bi-lingual country with Welsh as well as English spoken on the street. The Capital of wales is one of the few Celtic Capitals remaining in Europe and prides itself on the celtic traditions of hospitality and friendliness.

The center of Cardiff is full of smaller informal cafes and snack-bars which can rustle up anything from a full cooked breakfast to a pot of tea and bara brith, a traditional Welsh fruit loaf. During the summer, the city's Cafe Quarter in the Mill lane is the ideal place to enjoy a chilled beer or light lunch al fresco.

The Welsh know how to enjoy themselves, Cardiff is packed with cheerful and welcoming pubs, wine bars and international nightclubs and discos.
As befits a capital city has everything a shopper could dream of from large department store to small independent shops. The city is compact, yet still contains several large covered malls.

Visitors will never be at a loss for something interested to see or do in and around Cardiff. There is an ever increasing choice of attractions to visit and the proximity to the coast and the mountains means that Cardiff really has something for everyone.


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