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A pearl of the mediterenean?

A Greece has many beautiful and unique destinations. It is a country with a very rich history that is more than 4000 years old, a history that is filled with the presence of some of the greatest civilizations ever. Aside from the history, modern Greece has much to show to the visitor. From the sandy beaches to fine restaurants and exquisite night life with people that are warm and friendly and most importantly, multilingual, especially English and French.

Greece has much to offer to the conference and incentive customer with many experts in the organization, management and operation of events, incentives and conferences. Over the past decade, the country's infrastructure has been rebuilt both because of the country's EU membership as well as the 2004 Olympic Games which resulted in new and totally renovated venues and hotels of the highest standard.

All you ever dreamed to discover can be found in Greece. Natural landscapes such as the Santorini's volcano, the Olympos mountain, Meteora, Pylio, as well as the many beautiful islands are a nature lovers dream. Urban landscapes such as: the Rion-Antirion bridge (the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, connecting Peloponese with the mainland), the Corinth Canal, the Olympic Stadium, the largest and newest Omni-theatre, the Athens Music Hall and the Athens Metro which is not only the newest metro but also a museum of ancient greek history displaying at major stations all ancient artifacts discovered during the excavations for the Metro make your stay in and around Athens very exciting.

Ancient landscapes such as the Parthenon, Delphi, Olympia, the sacred island of Delos, Vergina and so many others combined with more than 240 museums make Greece a "must" for everyone wishing to discover the roots of western civilization.

In Greece, you are standing at a crossroads of cultures, colours and civilisations, you feel the strength of history and the warmth of being in the southernmost part of Europe, you discover an evolutionary process of thought, influence and experience.

A country that despite being rich in history has a populaton that moves towards the future. A country that although statistically small, is huge in its diversity. A landscape that has given us thousands of postcard images but remains incredibly vibrant and impossible to capture. Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again. Walk through the olive groves, through ancient sites. Move to clusters of sparsely inhabited islands. Roam from the beaches to rocky mountains and explore breathtaking scenery.

In Greece the fusion of images becomes more than imagery and turns into reality. Explore your senses in Greece.

Greece has an abundance of resources that tourists with ecological and cultural interests will find attractive. The wealth of cultural as well as ecological resources, both biotic and abiotic, constitute a special comparative advantage of the country for those interested in the conservation of cultural diversity, bio-diversity and eco-systems. These resources are marked by their wide variety, rareness and distinctiveness and are found in areas many of which have already been placed under special protection.

Greece is a country with a vast wealth of cultural tradition and folklore. Visitors, therefore, have many opportunities to enrich their travels by attending the various cultural or sports events held in every region of the country, to participate in the festivities that often are connected with enchanting customs and get acquainted with unknown but extremely interesting aspects of Greek folklore heritage.

We will help you in the planning of special cruises with unique itineraries toinclude 3, 4, 7 and 14 day cruises taking in renowned and off the beaten path Aegean isles, as well as such exotic destinations as Turkey, Israel, Cyprus and Egypt.

Although the islands have been an important part of Greece since ancient times, from the island that was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Rhodes, to Ithaca, famous home of Ulysses, hero of the Trojan War, today the Greek islands are more famous than ever. There are hundred of Greek islands, each one uniquely different from its neighbour. From dry barren islands such as Kea to lush Greek islands such as Kerkyra. From holy islands like Patmos and Tinos to jet-set partying islands like Mykonos. And of course - Santorini. Fabled lost continent of Atlantis, the uniquely beautiful island is an unforgettable experience, with its sheer cliffs leading down to the sparkling waters of the Aegean. Within the hundreds of these beautiful islands there is something for everyone.

Greece, a word that conjures up images of sparkling blue waters, sun drenched beaches, white-washed island houses, colourful sunsets and lazy afternoons. What better way to experience all that Greece has to offer than on a yacht?

Yachting in Greece

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Athens with Acropolis in the backgroundGREECE Facts & figures

Greece is situated in Southeastern Europe, with an area of 131,957 and a population of 10,964,020.
Athens is the capital of Greece with a population of 3,192,606.
Local time is GMT +2 hours.
The Hellenic Republic is a Presidential Parliamentary Democracy. Parliament: Three hundred elected members with elections held every four years. Greece is a member state of E.U. since 1981. The currency is euro. The Greek economy adopts the principles of free enterprise and is bound by the regulations of international organisations such as ECOFIN and WTO, of which it is a member.

The official language of Greece is Modern Greek. English and French are widely spoken and many other languages are commonly spoken in tourist locations.

The climate in Greece is typical of the Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry with extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year. The winters are relatively mild and rainy, with temperatures rarely dropping to freezing point, mainly in the north.

Greece is famous for its mezedes, appetizers accompanied with ouzo, tsipouro or wine served in small plates usually meant to be shared, based on the Greek culture of sharing food and wine with friends. Another popular plate is the Greek Salad (Horiatiki Salata) a mix of fresh tomatoes, olives, cucumber, onion, green pepper, feta cheese, olive oil and oregano. Since one fifth of Greece consists of islands, it is natural for seafood to be very common and popular part of Greek cuisine. Poultry, beef, lamb and pork are also popular and can be found in a variety of dishes.

The Greek currency until 2002 was the Drachma which was then replaced by the Euro, now the valid currency in Greece and the other European countries. Most major banks are present in Greece and offer currency exchange, traveller's cheques, major credit card transactions and ATMs that are part of international banking networks.

Electrical current is 220 volts, 50Hz. A variety of plugs are in use including the European-style two-pin and the round three-pin.


Athens, Acropolis ATHENS

The birthplace of democracy, Athens offers the visitor the benefits of two worlds: the strong echoes of the past are combined with the characteristics of the modern city. Athens is lively and vibrant from dusk till dawn, 24 hours a day. Walking on the rock of Acropolis, with its breathtaking Parthenon (the peak of a man's ability for architectural creation), the theatre of Dionysos and the wonderful Greek and Roman Agora, is an awesome experience that keeps bringing travellers to Athens for more than two thousand years.

Athens, Museum Hotel Hotel Museum - Athens

We recommend - Hotel Museum - Athens

Museum Hotel is a contemporary city hotel located next to the Athens Archaeological Museum (one of the most important museums of ancient Greek art in the world) and and a short walk to the Acropolis and just 550 meters away from Omonia Square, the main metro, underground station. Though we suggest a stroll from the hotel through the Main Market with fish, meat, fruits & herbs etc, Monastiraki (flee market) and Plaka to Acropolis.
Museum Hotel in Athens dates back to 1958, when it was original called the "Whitehouse Hotel". The hotel has just finished a total refurbishment costing around over a million Euro and now offering facilities of the highest standard however keeping to its original atmosphere.
The 3-star Athens hotel offers soundproofed rooms with free Wi-Fi.The modern, air-conditioned guest rooms have private bathroom with hairdryer. Each comes with in-room safe, fully stocked minibar and flat-screen, satellite TV. Some rooms have large balconies with city view.

In-side information:
In the south wing of the ground floor of the National Archaeological Museum there is another less famous museum but with great importance, The Epigraphic Museum, which is unique in Greece and the largest of its kind in the world.

400 meters from the hotel is the unique Hellenic Motor Museum dedicated to technology and car development with collections from 1895 to 1980.

Around the corner you will find traditional Greek tavernas, ome with with live folk Greek music (rebetika) serving delicious Greek cuisine.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more "in-side information" - We invite you to discover some new locations, to feel the side of Athens which is not at the guide books.




Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia and second largest city of Greece. It was first established in 316 B.C. by Kassandros and named after his wife, Thessaloniki, half sister of Alexander the Great. It means Victory in Thessaly. It is here that the Apostle Paul first brought the message of Christianity (50 A.D.). Thessaloniki was the second most important city of the Byzantine Empire, next to Constantinople. It became a part of the modern state of Greece in 1913, but burned in 1917.


Today Thessaloniki is a lively modern city bustling with life and movement. Large avenues, parks and squares, lines of trees that frame commercial streets with showy shop windows. Old houses, neoclassical buildings, stand side by side with modern dwellings which makes a walk through any section of the city an interesting journey. Thessaloniki has given Greece some of its greatest musicians, artists, poets and thinkers. It has some of the most beautiful beaches and has some of the finest hotels and best restaurants in northern Greece. Its a very different city from Athens but no less sophisticated and (some might say) culturally superior. The influence of the east is more pronounced, not just in the delicious food, but in the relaxed lifestyle.

Thessaloniki is a big city with an almost college town feel, like Boston or Austin, but Greek. The nightlife in Thessaloniki is exceptional, the bars and clubs play great music. The restaurants and ouzeries are among the best in Greece. The city is also the site of the renown Thessaloniki Film Festival in October-November. There are not a large number of ancient ruins within the city but there are enough Roman and Byzantine sites to keep any visitor occupied, plenty of museums and of course the ruins of Vergina which include the tomb of Phillip, father of Alexander the great. It's also a good starting point for seeing the best beaches of Halkidiki and most beautiful spots in Greece in the region known as Macedonia.


The past and present merge at old taverns, "ouzeries", restaurants next to hotels and luxury bars, "bouzouki halls" (Thessaloniki is the cradle of modern Greek popular song, "rembetika"), cinema halls, theaters and sidewalk cafes on street pavements and squares. Small family run taverns and basement pastry shops offer a delicious variety of famous Macedonian specialties, next to stalls of ice-cream sellers for busy pedestrians.

A must-visit place is Moudiano, the meat market, in a restored old building full of energy, smells, and some of the most famous old ouzeries in Thessaloniki, some of them with live rembetika music and spontaneous parties. Thessaloniki is also a paradise for shoppers blessed with an abundance of shops, markets, bars and coffee houses to suit all budgets and tastes. Virtually every side street veers off to locate some Greek delicacy from pastries to artwork.


The Island of Rodos LINKS

Here are just a few sites to help you find your way around. Do not worry if most of the homepages are in Greek - all have an English language version. Please let us know if you have other sites worth exploring.

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