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London no longer Europe’s most expensive hotel market!

Major cities across the UK, including London, have seen a decline in average hotel room rates in 2016 compared with 2015. Having held the top spot in Europe for the last few years, London has been knocked off its perch as the most expensive capital to stay in, with rates showing a seven per cent decline on the same period last year.

Whilst London continues to have the most expensive hotel rooms in the UK at an average room rate of £148, Manchester takes second place with £100 and taking third place is Bristol, offering rooms at £98 on average.

With UK room rates dropping across the board and the change in the exchange rate (15% drops to the euro) could present an opportunity for UK tourism and the business travel industry. For business travellers and holidaymakers alike, this should make the UK more appealing as a place to stay as for many years now it’s been renowned for being so expensive.”

Looking at Europe, Dublin overtook London with average hotel room rates at £163 – a whopping 70 per cent rise. However, it was Oslo that stole the top spot as the most expensive European capital to stay in at £186 per night – also a massive 70 per cent increase on the same period last year, and nearly £40 more expensive than London.


A Prom means a Promenade Concert, or a concert where part of the audience stands in a "promenade" area of the hall. The BBC Proms is an annual music festival running from from 17 July until 12 September inclusive and comprising over seventy-six Prom concerts and nineteen Chamber concerts at nearby Cadogan Hall.

Promming is part of the Proms audience has always stood in the Arena, directly in front of the orchestra, and many consider this the best position in the hall. However, you can also stand high up in the Gallery and just let the sound drift up to you.

Today there are still over 1,000 standing places available at each Prom. The traditionally low prices allow you to enjoy world-class concerts for just £5! Day Promming tickets cannot be booked in advance, so even if all seats have been sold, you always have a good chance of getting in. Early queuing is advisable for the more popular concerts, however.

How can I get tickets for the Last Night of the Proms?
Owing to the huge demand for Last Night tickets, special booking arrangements apply. Please contact the Royal Albert Hall Box Office at or telephone 0845 401 5040 (calls from a BT landline are charged at up to 8p per minute; charges from mobiles and other networks may be higher).

Canary Whart skylineLondon with something extra

Try something unusual next time you visit London. This is not something you find in the broschures of the big touring companies. These are tailor made tours into the smallest detail by our excellent London Blue Badge Guide. Return to your home and tell all your friends that you have seen something no one else has!

This spectacular part of Docklands began as a – risky - vision of an integrated commercial development with significant investment in design and public spaces. Various architectural practices collaborated and some of the world’s leading architects and designers have been involved in its creation. Vast expanses of landscaped open space – including the water filled docks – incorporate striking examples of public art.
There is an award winning Underground station and historical remains nestling between state of the art architecture. The facts, figures, details and background to what was for many years Europe’s largest building site and a huge commercial risk. Much to hear and see and a chance to find out whether it was all worth it?
Duration c 2 hours.

A specialist walking tour about the huge changes that have taken place over the last 150 years – and especially the last 15 years – along the South bank right in the heart of London often involving daring technical solutions.
Starting by the still operational Tower Bridge, the tour will take in Shad Thames’ unique warehouse conversions, Norman Foster’s award winning City Hall, Borough Market with its unique Floral Hall extension, the replica Globe theatre complex, Tate Modern in a former 1950s power station, the Millennium Bridge, the co-operatively owned and managed Oxo Tower Wharf, bohemian Gabriel’s Wharf and much more. End perhaps with drinks, lunch or dinner.

Read as well about the tours of 2012 Olympic Games sites. Construction on the Olympic Park site has started ahead of schedule. Building work is already taking place on the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre and Olympic Village. The building of the Olympic Park is one of the largest construction and engineering projects in Europe.

Read more .... Olympic Games 2012, Sites tours » » »

Manchester United trophiesTheatre of Dreams - Old Trafford, Manchester

There's nothing quite like Old Trafford on or a match day but as well quite a unique place with out football. Located just 10-15 minutes from the city i's within easy reach for any central located hotel.
Old Trafford offer everything needed for an all important conference, meeting, dinner etc. with 24 purpose built event suites, 160 luxury executive boxes.

Imaging the incentive for any conference & meeting to include during the coffee break a guided tour of the Manchester United Museum. Follow the history of the club from the foundation in 1878 right through moderns times through tragedies and trophies.

And finish the day with the famous Stadium Tours, the tours that takes you behind the scene of the Theatre of Dreams. The Stadium Tours takes you to places that are only accessible to players and officials on match days.

The Thames River Cruise with a difference!

The only way to see the Thames; a “must do” excursion with a unique and exciting capital city tour. More exhilarating, fast and fun than traditional river cruises with friendly crew who have a wealth of experience and knowledge.
The custom built specialised vessels provide fantastic maneuverability and comfort to feel and see the sights and sounds of the river Thames. Family friendly for all ages and abilities in small groups. All major river attractions are covered, but the abilities of the vessels allow each tour to be tailored to your needs, letting you discover the Thames you want to see. Open all year round with sailing and life jackets provided.

All sailings are premium class, with no queues and a maximum of 12 people in each boat. London RIB Voyages provides safe, exhilarating tours on the Thames Our qualified guides are at hand to tell you all there is to know about one of the most famous and interesting waterways in the World.

The tour covers a larger area of the River Thames than conventional tours, so you’ll experience more in an action-packed hour-long trip.
The tour takes you under the bridges of the Thames, close to the water – and this will enable you to experience the “feel” of the Thames – the history of years gone past and the future.
Expert guides provide a wealth of information that will intrigue and entertain you.
Groups are limited to a maximum of 12 passengers, you’ll be able to interact with your guide, to make sure you are experiencing exactly what you want out of your voyage.
The purpose built Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) are licensed to carry passengers in complete safety and comfort. The boats are not only great fun, but you will have a comfortable ride into the bargain.

We supply life jackets to children and adults of all ages and sizes with regularly tested life jackets. Adults are fitted with jackets that inflate automatically on contact with the water, that also feature a manual inflation toggle. Children and toddlers are fitted with foam jackets. Due to an element of wind-chill in certain conditions on this type of vessel we supply both children and adults with warm waterproof sailing jackets. These are not necessary but they’re available to any customer who requires one.

The seating is comfortable with seats made out of robust aluminium to provide high level of support with comfortable padded seating. There is ample provision for under seat storage and access.


The Tube is the oldest Underground network in the world. The Metropolitan Line having opened on 10 January 1863. The carriages originally had no windows.
The London Underground network has 275 stations and 253 miles (410km) of track and handles 1,1 billion journeys over 364 days a year.
The busiest stations are Victoria and Oxford Circus, each serving more than 85 million travellers each year.
Every Tube train travels the distance from London to Sydney ( 10,500 miles) seven times a year. A total of 408 escalators and 112 lifts keep passengers moving throughout the system.

Underground Music

From The Guild of Registered Tourist Guides - Bulletin:

Licensed buskers have now been allowed on London's Underground stations for more than two years, and the scheme is proving a route to success for musicians as well as being popular with passengers from Baker Street to Waterloo and beyond.
In its first two years, at least three buskers have been spotted by top record companies, while two-third have been approached to play at weddings, auditions and more unusual events including:

a music industry reception for the Queen at Buckingham Place
auditions at various West End musicals including Cabaret
a party for the Finnish Royal family and another for the Ambassador of Taiwan.

In 2001, London Underground won a change to the Law that legalised busking and working with brewer Carling, which sponsored the Live Underground Scheme. Now there are 36 stages, presenting more than 280 licensed artist who perform over 3,000 hours of live music a week.

London Eye

London Eye - High and Mighty
At 135m ( 443ft) the wheel is nearly three times as high as Tower Bridge.
Its 80 spokes are made from four miles of cable.
The steel used in construction weighs 1,500 tonnes - heavier than 250 double decker buses.
The wheel turns about 60,000 times per year.
Its 32 pods can carry up to 15.000 visitors per day.

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