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Antrim sceneryNorthern Ireland

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Northern Ireland is renowned for its friendly people and natural beauty.

Just as Belfast is compact, nowhere in Northern Ireland is more than two hours away. Within minutes from the City you can find yourself in some of Europe’s most unspoilt scenery or along dramatic coastlines.

Northern Ireland has grown a lot over the years. For those looking for a dose of culture, you can choose from boisterous oyster festivals to authentic horse fairs, and from ancient castles to elegant country houses.

NI Today
The economy is thriving. New industries are being created. Cities are being revitalised with millions being invested in regeneration. There is a new cultural vitality, pride and optimism. Instead of emigrating, our brightest graduates are staying. Tourism is thriving too, with new visitors discovering our humour, hospitality, scenery and quality of life.

Traditional Music
Traditional Irish music is thriving! Are you after a laid-back session in a pub serving good Guinness? Visit Madden's, Pat's Bar or the Rotterdam in Belfast, Bound for Boston in Derry or, in our smaller towns and villages, listen for music drifting out a pub door – a sure sign of a good time!

By now you're wondering, does anyone here ever have a quiet night in? So whether it's craic, culture, or the chance to meet new people, friendly, fun-loving Northern Ireland is the place!

Castles & Monuments
Northern Ireland has some of the finest castles on the island. The earliest are from Norman times, but fortified homes continued to be built well into the 17th century - much of Derry City dates from this era, including its encircling walls.

Did you know:
The Antrim Coast Road has been ranked the fifth most beautiful spot in the world. Running from Larne to Ballycastle, the unique 50-mile route has beaten the Grand Canyon and Victoria Falls as a sight worth seeing. Winding its way through the Glens of Antrim and taking in the villages of Ballygalley, Waterfoot and Cushendun, the survey says the stretch of road is the prettiest part of the British Isles. The road, which was built between 1832 and 1842, has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world and has often been compared with Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

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Bushmills Whisky, Northern IrelandWhisky!

But Irish whisky at its best!

The Old Bushmills Distillery is the world's oldest licensed whiskey distillery having received its licence to distil in 1608. However, mentions of distilling traditions in the surrounding environs date back to 1276.

The County Antrim village has a long and illustrious history of whiskey production. Stories tell us that the troops of King Henry II of England were more than happy to discover the unique taste of Irish whiskey. Unable to pronounce the Gaelic 'Uisce Beatha' (Water of Life), they shortened it to 'Fuisce' and finally to Whiskey.

From 1740s to 1910 Irish emigrants to the USA spread their taste for Bushmills. During these years the Bushmills family scored outstanding successes at International spirit and whiskey competitions. The company flourished until Prohibition in America and other factors, which destroyed the whiskey export trade in Ireland. Although many of the Irish distilleries were forced to close, Bushmills was able to recover thanks to the vision of the then distillery director Wilson Boyd. He correctly anticipated the end of the American alcohol ban and had ample stocks of his fine whiskey ready for export.

Bushmills produces many fine Whiskeys the most well known being Bushmills Irish Whiskey However they also produce the classic Bushmills Black Bush. In 1996 Bushmills also started to supply Bushmills 16 year old rare single Irish malt Whiskey.


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