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Tickets goes on sale on 15 March 2011.

How can I get tickets?
First you need to register your interest on the London 2012 website. So far, more than two million people have done so.

Does that mean I will get tickets when they go on sale?
No, the point of registering is that you will have access to important information about the process for getting tickets and London 2012 says it saves time re-entering your details.

When do the tickets go on sale?
Tickets go on sale on 15 March 2011.

So can I buy my tickets on that day?
No, it's not first come, first served as it would be if you wanted to buy tickets to see Madonna. The application process will be open for six weeks until 26 April, with any over-subscribed tickets allocated via a ballot system. It doesn't matter if you apply the day the applications open or last day before the deadline.

How much will the tickets cost?
It depends on what you want to see. Seats for the coveted 100m final will set you back up to £725 but tickets for many sports start at £20.
Organisers London 2012 say there is a wide range of prices across the 39 disciplines and 649 sports sessions with 90% of tickets at £100 or less, two-thirds under £50 and about 25% at £20 or less.
Children under 16 will be eligible to "pay their age" across more than 200 sessions and tickets for over-60s will be £16 at the same events.
Events such as the marathon and cycling road race will be free for the majority of the route with only the finishing line area ticketed.

Will there be a limit to the number of tickets I can buy?
Yes, many sessions have limits on the number of tickets you can apply for. More details are available on the full Games schedule.
There will be 8.8m tickets available for the Olympic Games alone (with a further two million available for the Paralympic Games, which go on sale later this year).
Some 75% of the tickets are available to the general public via the application process. The remaining 25% is a combination of tickets for worldwide fans (through global National Olympic Committees), sponsors and rights holders who provide the funds to stage the Games and finally hospitality and travel packages.

What is a session?
Each ticket is sold for a specified session which may include several events, for example a session of swimming may include several heats and races. Most tickets cannot be used to watch all the events taking place at a venue on a given day, just the specific session for which the ticket has been purchased.

Can I pay by cash or debit card?
In recognition of Visa's support of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, London 2012 will only accept Visa payment cards (debit, credit and prepaid) along with cash and cheques.

I don't have a Visa card so how can I pay?
London 2012 will accept cash and cheques. While you are at an Olympic venue you will have to pay for things using a Visa card or cash only.

How can I plan what tickets to apply for?
The full schedule has been published on the London 2012 website, showing the day, time, venue and ticket prices for each event.

When will I find out if I have been successful in getting tickets
London 2012 organisers say "We will be taking payment between 10 May and 10 June 2011 and we will notify you whether you have been allocated tickets by 24 June 2011".

What if I have applied for too many tickets?
Try not to. London 2012 say that while there is likely to be a system set up to resell tickets you no longer want, there is no guarantee you will be able to sell them on. The official advice is to only apply for tickets for something you want to go to.

Will there be any free events I can see?
Yes, there will be free events such as the marathon and road cycling where you won't need a ticket apart from the final section. However, it is likely London 2012 will ticket the Olympic Park to control crowd numbers.

Olympic Stadium, London

What if I can't get to London will there be anything to see outside the capital?
Yes, there are lots of venues outside London which will host Olympic and Paralympic events. These are: City of Coventry Stadium (football), Eton Dorney (rowing), Hadleigh Farm, Essex (mountain biking), Hampden Park, Glasgow (football), Lee Valley White Water Centre (canoe slalom), Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (football), Old Trafford in Manchester (football), St James' Park in Newcastle (football) and Weymouth and Portland in Dorset (sailing). Tickets for these venues and events will also go on sale on 15 March 2011.

Further details about the ticketing process can be found on the London 2012 website.

Further details about the game programme can be found on this web-site

Olympic Stadium, LondonOlympic Games - 2012

What's on now

The 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in London will be based on an Olympic zone around Stratford in east London (beach volleyball in Horse Guards Parade, football at Wembley and gymnastics in the Millennium Dome) promising the biggest regeneration of England's capital since the Victorian era.

Construction on the Olympic Park site has started ahead of schedule. Building work is already taking place on the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre and Olympic Village. The building of the Olympic Park is one of the largest construction and engineering projects in Europe.

Stage three - the 'big build' - was due to start in summer 2008. In fact it began three months early, when construction started on the Olympic Stadium in May 2008. Building work has also begun on the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Village. Construction will continue to accelerate over the next year when building work begins on the last of the 'big five' venues: the VeloPark and International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre.

Sustainability has been built into every aspect of London 2012's plans - from recycling construction materials to inspiring a healthy lifestyle. We want London 2012 to be the first ‘sustainable’ Games, setting new standards for major events.

Read more on the official 2012 web-site »

Read more on the International Olympic Committee web-site »


Olympic Stadium, LondonOlympic venues & East London Tours.

Guided tours and more ...!

The sites for the London games will be in the West End (city centre) of London, at Greenwich and other sites near to the capital. Most events will be concentrated in the 500 acre/200 hectare Olympic Park, to be built next to London's new International Railway Station, on the site of the extensive Rail Lands.

Our tours will show you how this industrial part of London will be transformed into a green corridor with 3 miles/5 km of parkland, connecting the beautiful new Thames Barrier Park, through the Olympic Park, to another large area of sport, leisure and nature - the Lee Valley.

Work has already started on the Aquatics Centre. Observe the location of the 80,000-seat Main Stadium, the Multi-Sports Arena, Velodrome, Olympic Village, Broadcasting & Media Centre and Stratford City.

o2 Dome LondonOlympic venues & East London Tours.

Hear the history of London's Royal Docks, as you travel to the Boxing, Judo, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Table Tennis and Taekwondo venue. View the Millennium Dome.

Cross the River Thames, to the Shooting, Badminton and Gymnastics locations. Imagine horses jumping in front of the Royal Palace at Greenwich, set in its splendid Royal Park. Enjoy the panorama from the Old Royal Observatory above.

Spend a day or half a day visiting the future Olympic venues, or build the 2012 Olympics into your East London or Greenwich sightseeing tours. We can also plan tours with emphasis on particular sports or urban regeneration, and engage specialist guides to provide technical information.

The best way to appreciate the extraordinary developments and construction currently taking place creating the Olympic Park for the 2012 Games is on foot. Using footpaths and towpaths around the industrial Lower River Lea valley – itself a crucial part of the regeneration project – we discover how this fascinating backwater of East London is already being transformed.

Using the Greenway, a future main access route through the Olympic Park, as our vantage point, we enjoy excellent views of the 2012 construction site including the Olympic stadium and other venues. Progress is already clearly visible. Get the facts, the figures and the real story about the plans for this area - how the 2012 games will regenerate a part of East London that most visitors have never explored. Enjoy little known gems along the route including the “Cathedreal of Sewage” and Three Mills films studios amidst a unique industrial canal setting.

Please wear suitable footwear as the route can be muddy. Not suitable for disabled visitors / wheelchairs.

the Olympic village, LondonOlympic venues & East London Tours.

This tour demonstrates the ambitious – and already very visible – urban regeneration of East London that is taking place in view of the Olympic Games 2012.

We drive through Tower Hamlets, with its long history of immigration and social deprivation now giving way to gentrification and creative housing projects, in order to reach the heart of the Olympic site in Stratford. View progress on the 80,000-seater stadium and the Olympic Park plus the residential and commercial development of Stratford City. The tour also takes in the huge improvements in infrastructure with the new Stratford International train station and an award winning bus station.

Continue through Newham, a very multicultural borough at the centre of challenging developments, towards the location of other main venues for the 2012 games in the Royal Docks. The athletes will compete right by some of the largest enclosed water spaces in the world, also home to a new University and the exceptional new Thames Barrier Park and plans are far reached for Silvertown Quays and Biota – the extraordinary new aquarium in Newham. Be the first to find out about the fundamental changes to East London taking place right now.

This is a coach tour but it can also be modified to be done by public transport. Make it a comprehensive full day tour by combining it with all the latest developments in Docklands, especially around Canary Wharf [see separate tour description] plus lunch in an unusual / waterside East London venue.


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