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Wales is a captivating part of Britain not to be missed, and once there, you’ll find a warm welcome awaits you. Rich in history and culture, steeped in myth and legend, as much an experience as it is a place. Oh, and there are hundreds of castles and some really fantastic scenery, too. So when you next visit Britain, go a little further … and visit Wales. You’re practically there already!

Whether it's a large resort set in its own grounds in fabulous countryside location where business can be talked on the golf course, or a swish five-star city centre hotel equipped with state-of-the-art health suite and spa where your delegates can relax away the rigours of serious debate - you will find accommodation and venues ranked among the best anywhere.

Aside from the magnificent scenery featuring towering mountains and seemingly endless unspoilt coast, there are many more good reasons for choosing Wales for your business event.

Wales is virtually tailor-made for conferences, offering the combination of a wide choice of locations, historic and modern venues, excellent support services, communications, leisure and entertainment. That's why every year Wales plays host to so many key conferences, conventions and meetings.

Chose Wales for your conference and you're spoilt for choice of venue. Grand gothic castles, stately manor houses, country house hotels or purpose-built city based conference centers. Wales has a long historyof playing host to big occasions. But so much has happened recently that has made Wales an even better business destination than ever.

In Wales, you'll still find the individual care and attention to detail comes with an unmistakable pride and genuine Welsh touch that will make your conference hugely enjoyable

But of course, not everything's changed. There is the rich and highly contrasting landscape. The rugged mountains, the lush green valleys and the unspoilt national parklands skirted by golden coasts.


Wales is different! It's one of the great strengths as an incentive destination. This distinctiveness doesn't just express itself in language and landscape but as well a unique choice of venues and country properties, attractions and activities. From ballooning over lakes to playing golf at a championship course, there are thousands of ways to motivate or reward your top performers. Wales offers a unique and scenic setting that will make every occasion truly memorable.

The Welsh have a centuries old tradition of entertaining themselves and their guests with festivals and celebrations in music and song, drama, poetry and sport. You'll find a range of exciting and unique opportunities for entertaining your guests on our events listing.

Whatever type of event you are planning – large and corporate, fun packed or purely social – we can provide you with impartial advice, local knowledge and a wide range of helpful services to help you make the most of your visit.

With more castles per square mile than any other European Country, 10,000 sq miles of unique national parkland and centres buzzing with the latest communications technology, you’ll find Wales is the perfect place to dazzle your delegates. And we are here to help.

There are actually no less than 641 castles in wales ranging from World Heritage Sites like Caernarfon and Harlech to romatic ruins in the heart of the mountains


Brecon Mountain RailwayGreat little trains

The Great Little Trains of Wales are a very special way of seeing some of the best scenery in the British Isles. All are narrow gauge steam railways and some have a history spanning well over 100 years. All of them have in common the charm of old-time steam trains with plenty of polished paintwork and brass.Built in a time less hasty than our own, most originally served to carry Welsh slate from the quarries to the sea. However, no two are the same and they all offer a unique experience of a bygone era.The special attraction of narrow gauge railways lies in their modest size compared with the main line ones and their leisurely speed gives time to take in some of the splendid scenery.

Ffestiniog Railway

Imagen to take your group to the old station building to serve them a welcome drink, a glass of Champagne. Board the small little steam train and be served your starter. At next station your main course is waiting and once again at the following station the village is waiting with the dessert and coffee. All this meanwhile you are sittning relaxed enjoying superb food with an amazing scenery. No trip to Wales is complete without a trip on a steam train.


Solva, Walesand finally the language .....

Welsh Language Guide

The language of Wales, more properly called Cymraeg in preference to Welsh (A Germanic word denoting "foreigner"), belongs to a branch of Celtic, an Indo-European language. The Welsh themselves are descendants of the Galatians, to whom Paul wrote his famous letter. Their language is a distant cousin to Irish and Scots Gaelic and a close brother to Breton. Welsh is still used by about half a million people within Wales and possibly another few hundred thousand in England and other areas overseas.

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