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Come and burn some London pavement! Discover London on foot with a Blue Badge Guide. Walking is a great way to see Europe’s global city.

great buildings…..great views…..great stories.....

There is no better way to stroll around London, than in the company of a professional Blue Badge Guide. London’s Blue Badge Guides are world famous for the accuracy of their information and their enthusiasm for sharing with visitors to Britain and Londoners alike, the amazing past and present of lively London.

Why not commission a Blue Badge Guide to prepare a personal walk in London around your chosen subject or area? Want a great walk to celebrate a special event - like a wedding, a 40th birthday, or just as a warm-up for a great night out in London?

Why not try one of the 85 walks on offer – Here are the most popular:

A Ghostly Walk through Legal London:
this is a walk through the darker side of London's past, with ghosts, ghouls, blood and gore to recount as we wend our way along the Thames and through the ancient legal areas so well described by Charles Dickens and other authors at Inner and Middle Temples and Lincoln's Inn. Look back at executions and early gatherings whilst exploring the rites and customs of the City of London. Even the hostelries we pass (or enter) have their tales to tell.

A Thames River Walk:
beyond Putney Bridge, the Thames slows, forgetting the industrial lower river downstream. Here one encounters a better class of flotsam - champagne corks and half eaten strawberries. Here the annual University Boat Race is fought between Cambridge and Oxford universities. We'll meet the Bishop of London and the man who said, "The most beautiful thing about London is its river", Lord Rogers, architect of the Millennium Dome and the Lloyds Building in the City.

Beatles' London:
The Beatles are associated with Liverpool but they hit the big time here in London. Let your guide transport you back to "Swinging London" with a visit to Beatles haunts which takes in some contrasting London districts including parts of Soho, Mayfair and Marylebone. There's an option at the end of the tour to travel to St John's Wood and walk across the famous Abbey Road crossing

Financial City:
‘Old Jewry’ says it all. In 1066 William the Conqueror brought with him his personal Jews to handle the money side of his Conquest. Old Jewry was London’s first ghetto. William knew that in London, money was the true ruler. It still is. Walk through any City of London district and you might think you are looking at a typical modern financial centre – the smoked glass, the polished granite. But just clock the street names – Flying Horse Yard, Threadneedle Street, St Mary Axe. The street grid is Medieval. London has always been a chancer’s paradise, sitting on the North Western approaches to Europe. Once we talked about ‘gambling’, now we talk about ‘hedge funds’, ‘unit trusts’, and ‘new issues’, (how the City loves a ‘new issue’ – it’s like a child being born.) Every day of every week, the City of London earns £160 billion in insurance premiums! Come and walk through the greatest casino on earth, London Financial City.

In Search of Sherlock Holmes:
Follow in the footsteps of Holmes and Watson as they sally forth from 221B Baker St to pit themselves against the Victorian underworld. Recall their adventures and dastardly opponents as we discover the places which feature in some of Holmes' most fascinating cases, including the corner where the evil Professor Moriarty ('the Napoleon of Crime') nearly succeeded in disposing of the great detective.

Jack the Ripper:
The Victorian police were completely unprepared for a serial killer who took away body parts and returned them accompanied by gloating letters. The horror that London felt at Jack the Ripper's gruesome murders still taints the alley ways of Whitechapel, today one of the trendiest places on earth, but in its time home to desperate immigrants like the Irish escaping the Potato Famine, or the Jews escaping pogroms in Eastern Europe. The current residents, Bangladeshis, invented that great British institution, the 'Indian' Restaurant. Visit two murder sites, and locations used in 'From Hell' starring Johnny Depp.

Ladies of Note Ladies of Note:
Women of Westminster, Enjoy at walk around the heart of London, discovering the stories behind some of our greatest, inspiring and most memorable women, ahead of their time. You will meet queens, nurses, martyrs and mistresses, and those who were chained to railings, all for a great cause, of course!

Legal London:
Exploring the Inns of Court and Royal Courts of Justice. We visit one of the most picturesque parts of London, steeped in history, where lawyers have lived and trained since medieval times. The tour covers the heritage, development and workings of the English legal system and an opportunity to experience some real courtroom drama.

Notting Hill:
Explore the streets of London's most fashionable village. The site of Europe's biggest carnival, London's most famous street market and one of the UK's most popular movies.

Royal Kensington:
Enjoy the varied landscapes of Kensington Gardens from the fountains of the Italian Gardens to Kensington Palace via the beautiful vistas of the Long Water and Serpentine, with a quick look at a more modern fountain in Hyde Park, too! Walk around the delightful statue of Peter Pan and admire the grandeur of the Albert Memorial and The Royal Albert Hall as you hear their history. Finish the walk outside Kensington Palace at the Orangery where you may relax for refreshments in attractive surroundings.

The James Bond Walk:
Enter the world of spies - up-scale Mayfair was the inspiration for a middle aged, middle class British gent who created the 20th century's most popular fictional character. Ian Fleming wrote 13 Bond books and used all his Eton College connections to get them well reviewed and eventually televised and finally filmed. The world he describes is still there. See the spy shops, pass the £1,800,00 Bentleys and end at the bar that says it serves the best dry martinis in London. Pierce Brosnan agrees. Smell the quality.

Theatrical London:
Enjoy a tour of London's Theatreland covering a selection of the most historically interesting theatres in the West End. You'll learn about the development of London theatre from the Restoration to the fringe and there'll be tales of theatrical personalities, scandals, superstitions and hauntings. In addition to theatres we feature the "Actors' Church", the home of a famous 18th century actor and the statue of London's first theatrical knight.

And the rest ......
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Old Jewish East End
Pottery, Philanthropy, Princes and Politics Regent's Park
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Sovereigns, Sailors, Skulls and Shipwrights
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Canary Whart skylineLondon with something extra

Try something unusual next time you visit London. This is not something you find in the broschures of the big touring companies. These are tailor made tours into the smallest detail by our excellent London Blue Badge Guide. Return to your home and tell all your friends that you have seen something no one else has!

This spectacular part of Docklands began as a – risky - vision of an integrated commercial development with significant investment in design and public spaces. Various architectural practices collaborated and some of the world’s leading architects and designers have been involved in its creation. Vast expanses of landscaped open space – including the water filled docks – incorporate striking examples of public art.
There is an award winning Underground station and historical remains nestling between state of the art architecture. The facts, figures, details and background to what was for many years Europe’s largest building site and a huge commercial risk. Much to hear and see and a chance to find out whether it was all worth it?
Duration c 2 hours.

A specialist walking tour about the huge changes that have taken place over the last 150 years – and especially the last 15 years – along the South bank right in the heart of London often involving daring technical solutions.
Starting by the still operational Tower Bridge, the tour will take in Shad Thames’ unique warehouse conversions, Norman Foster’s award winning City Hall, Borough Market with its unique Floral Hall extension, the replica Globe theatre complex, Tate Modern in a former 1950s power station, the Millennium Bridge, the co-operatively owned and managed Oxo Tower Wharf, bohemian Gabriel’s Wharf and much more. End perhaps with drinks, lunch or dinner.

Read as well about the tours of 2012 Olympic Games sites. Construction on the Olympic Park site has started ahead of schedule. Building work is already taking place on the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre and Olympic Village. The building of the Olympic Park is one of the largest construction and engineering projects in Europe.

You have to try us to feel the difference!